Sunday, 22 January 2012

How to share a campaign in SAYS.MY ^^

Salam you guys
Kali ni, Ika nk share satu tips DO & DON'T in sharing a campaign in 
Let's we look together dear =)


Using automated methods to generate clicks on your link.

Using misleading messages to gain clicks on your links

Emailing people you don't know 

Asking other users to click on your links

Posting your link on shout boxes, comment & discussion forum

Posting your link on campaign's website

Posting your link on & facebOok page

Posting several links at one ago.

What You Should Doing??
Doing Like this

So,utk tips membuat iklan di SAYS.My ni kite kna la sme2 follow their policy k, jgn smpai kna BANNED! =) daa~


hatiAMIRA said...

anda di tag :)

Amyra Azhar said...

betul2 kaq, berkempen jgn smpi kena banned suda hehe

nur chahaya abadiey said...

thankz.. tp nur x bpe phm jgk larh dgn
nie... mcm incik nuff jgk ker??

singgh n follow sini :)

iedchan said...

kite banned publisity murahan itu..heheh

i folo u k dear..:P

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