Sunday, 5 June 2011



what's up guys?I'm fresh in blogspot. Before this Ika dah ada satu belog berusurkan dakwah.if feel free u guys boleh click ni 
But now Ika decided to set up one of mine a long time ago & syukur alhamdullillah! now, this time I really made it!hehe..I found my layout is super-dooper sweeeett~This give me spirit to continue writing my sweet blog...I love it!! If u want to share something with tuan belog ni please leave your comment keyh *_*
Oh yes, my semester 3 has come!!so, here are some my hope& wishlist ~

Have a pleasant read guys!

~*~*~*Chenta hati Wishlist ~*~*~*
......To score 3.5 & above.........
......To pay attention during tutorials & lectures.........
......To make my body slim ( Kuat Makan =_=')
......Buy my dream BLACKBERRY-Bold 9900....

hehe nvr know I will realize it esp my 1st & 2nd points..
Gosh!! It already 0400 hours..I desperate to stop my typing now & get back to my comfy bed..

C u guys around !

:: ika ::

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