Wednesday, 22 June 2011

sO sweet ^_^

Boyfriend : You're an idiot.
Girlfriend  : Huh?
Boyfriend : I said you're an idiot.
Girlfriend  : Why so sudden?
Boyfriend : Just saying
Girlfriend  : Tell me! "starts to cry"
Boyfriend : You're bitch seriously. One of the most idiotic beings that I know.
Girlfriend  : But...why? "tears rolling down her cheeks".
Boyfriend : .......
Girlfriend  : If I'm that bad for you, let me go ='(
Boyfriend : Look..You are an idiot.
Girlfriend  : "Cries".
Boyfriend : Wanna know the reason? You're an idiot cause you chase me. I'm not romantic. I'm not handsome & you chase me. And guess what, in my eyes you are the prettiest sweetest, adorable & so much more ; which is a contradiction to me. But you still chase me, & you are an idiot, it's unfair for you, but you still want me. I'm sorry I can't be the best for you, but I promise I'll love you. & if God is willing, we'll get married & have beautiful babies. You're an idiot & I love you for that.
Girlfriend : :')
So, Love can turn even the widest guys into he most gentle peOple yOu know =D
You guyS berumur bawah 23 tahun? Jom kLik Link bwh ni =)

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